January 26, 1944 - Dog Days Of War.

This day in history - January 26, 1944 - the Italian campaign continues slowly. Soviet Union refuses to recognize Polish government in exile based on reiterating Nazi propaganda about alleged Russian atrocities. Argentina cuts off ties to Germany. The Black Market is alive and well and thriving in the U.S., based on undercover investigations.

December 12, 1947 - Rome: On Strike - Shut Down.

Rome on Strike - tense with threats of violence. The world somewhat askew, this 12th day of December 1947. First off- the General Strike in Rome had reached its second day with fears of violence just around the corner as a rumored 20,000

August 30, 1939

(German Troops heading to the Polish frontier - waiting to see who blinks first) As the precautions continue via radio broadcasts from Warsaw, Berl

August 29, 1939

(First up - The Army of Refugees) August 29, 1939 - saber rattling, accusations, border violations, last minute diplomacy. Evacuations and precauti

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The Agonist: The Iraq Study Group says the U.S. should leave one of these days... In what has become a routine event, the cultish blog