Cooking With Neil Peart!

(h/t to Blabbermouth for the heads up.) Neil Peart of Rush, legendary for being a great drummer and an all around nice guy, is adding a new section t

Dueling Rush Covers

C+L reader Max (a different one) submitted this clip of Canadian singer/songwriter Jacob Moon playing an acrobatic rendition of "Subdivisions" by Cana

Open Thread

Paul Newman, 1925 - 2008 RIP ["Plastic Jesus" written by Ed Rush and George Cromarty, and sung by Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke." h/t Driftglass.]

Mike's Blog Round Up

Angry Bear: Chris Dodd, having played along with the "this is urgent" call has now presented the "if this is so urgent, show us what it's really worth

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Art of the Possible: Let's look at the question of Vice-Presidentialism on the Democratic side. Once Upon a Time: Arthur continues to demonstrate