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"Operation Scare Grandma" from SNL, via Rumproast. Open Thread below....

I Don't Know... seems that fires are burning, cyclones are hitting and massive earthquakes are shaking. It's very gloomy around the world. Hi, Global Warming. A

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David Seaton's News Links: A good question and a good answer cab drollery: The hazards of wasting a vote on Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, Ron Paul, et al

Mike's Blog Round Up

A Tiny Revolution: When we murder millions, we don't just do it for fun! We have reasons ! Ali Eteraz: The cover of the this month's American Conserv

Where Are Their Lapel Pins?

It started with Edwards' haircut, then Hillary's neck line and now Obama's lapel pin. The media is insane, ladies and gentleman. I expect and underst

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Welcome To Bedwetter Nation: We are now officially a nation of hysterics: Two people who sprinkled flour in a parking lot to mark a trail for thei

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hey everyone, I'm Bill Wolfrum. You know, after a tough week like this, I like to sit back with a bottle of H2Om, get super-hydrated and get my zazen