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Barrasso Fearmongers Over Single Payer Health Care Systems

Barrasso Fearmongers Over Single Payer Health Care Systems

Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso wants Americans to be very afraid of the possibility of a single payer health care system coming to our country any time soon. They wouldn't dare try to get rid of Medicare for seniors, but they're more than happy to try to terrify the rest of us about access to the same system.

RoseAnn DeMoro: 'We Need A Real Economy' To Eradicate Poverty

From this Friday evening's forum “Vision for a New America: A Future without Poverty” hosted by Tavis Smiley, which included guests Cornel West, Jonathan Kozol, Mariana Chilton, Newt Gingrich, Jeffrey Sachs, Rep. Marcia Fudge, John Graham and

Lawrence O'Donnell: The Single-Payer Solution

Lawrence O'Donnell started his show off this Wednesday evening by stating the obvious. If we'd gotten single-payer, Medicare for all as a solution to the broken health care system in America instead of the compromise which left employers in the