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Lance Mannion: Vampires, Wraith, banksters, and other villains meet for dinner at the End of the Universe Truth Wins Out : Haters, Hating [an en

Pawlenty Slams The Jobs Bill

Sean Hannity and Tim Pawlenty slam the bipartisan jobs bill that the AP also criticized for not creating very many jobs, but of course neither Hannity

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Jim Hightower: Christmas gifts for America's power elite David Seaton's News Links: Some notes on populism (h/t The Vanity Press) The Aristocrats: E

Is Jim Miklaszewski A Buckraker?

OpenLeft: So I'm reading Jamison Foser's usual excellent column at Media Matters discussing why John Edwards' $400 haircut is always in the news, an

Mike's Blog Roundup

Hullabaloo: The NRA is the most powerful special interest in America and nobody is allowed to mess with their agenda. Nobody. Gristmill: Under the Bus


CIFA Freelance writer Michael Graham emails (I shortened it) and explains why Jim Hightower's piece is required reading: "I have a special in