Pranked Receptionist Kills Herself

A receptionist at the King Edward VII hospital has committed suicide, just days after she was pranked by two Australian DJs posing as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

Spain To Halt Evictions After Homeowner Suicides

Moments before Ameia Egana, aged 53, was to be evicted from her fourth floor apartment, she clambered over the balcony railing and jumped to her death. Police at the scene said she died on impact. It is the second suicide in Spain in a matter

News Channels: Stop Covering High Speed Chases

(h/t Heather) Can we just call a stop to this practice please? Fox News Channel opted to cover a high speed chase in Phoenix with the driver going as fast as 100 mph. To the growing horror of host Shepard Smith, who frantically called out to

The 'Powerful Of This Earth' Are Killing Us

The 'Economic Suicides': “I have no solution in front of me." -- Antonis Perris of Greece, unemployed for two years before he took the hand of his 90-year-old mother and climbed to the roof of their apartment building and leapt to their

Nancy Grace Adds Another Notch To Her Belt

Talk show host Nancy Grace has delivered her warped sense of "justice" and claimed yet another victim. Toni Medrano, 29, of Minnesota, set herself afire and died just weeks after being ridiculed as "vodka mom" on national television for

Former Wall Street Trader Appears To Poison Himself After Guilty Verdict

Police in Arizona are investigating whether self-poisoning may have caused the death of former Wall Street trader Michael Marin in a Phoenix courtroom on Thursday. “They are leaning towards that,” said Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jeff Sprong. “We cannot verify that at this point, and we’re not going to be able to until the toxicology report comes back in two weeks.” The 53-year-old former Wall Streeter was found guilty of arson Thursday...

Military Suicides: 154 In 155 Days

The suicide rate is skyrocketing among American troops as numbers have reached nearly one per day in 2012, according to new Pentagon data revealed in a report on Thursday. Over the first 155 days of 2012 154 active-duty troops have