C&L's Late Night Music Club With The Delfonics

I'm beginning to think that Spring is here to stay, and I sure am enjoying the sunshine and warmth this week. Here's a song from Philly's own Delfonics, off of their brilliant album Tell Me This Is A Dream. Do you have a song you like about the

Worst. Excuse. Ever.

About a month ago, Florida State Rep. Bob Allen (R), a co-chairman of John McCain’s presidential campaign in the Sunshine State, ran into a little t

Mike's Blog Round Up

Tales of the Freewayblogger: Israel Attacks Gibson! The Heretik: Unenlightened in the sunshine state... Informed Comment: Middle Eastern governments

Bruce Springsteen On CNN

Bruce was on CNN's American Morning and talked about a few things including the throaty one. [media id=15550]-WMP Video-QT later Charles Pierce: &