Terry Williams Granted Stay Of Execution

DemocracyNow! video discussion of the new evidence in the Terry Williams case. Williams was scheduled to be executed on October 3, 2012. A state judge granted a stay of execution on Friday for Terry Williams, a death row inmate facing

Generation Wise

This short by Bis Films, a boutique production company based in Montreal, shines a light on the student movement that started in Quebec last winter and has since won support and solidarity throughout Canada and the world. The prevalence of

Mike's Blog Roundup

Horses Ass: The terrorist next door? The Mahablog: Fairy Tales Threat Level: Coming to a state near you - 50 percent of New York's Sequoia voting ma

Mike's Blog Round Up

From Cheney's heart to Bush's backside and Hillary's cleavage, the DC political anatomy watch reaches a new low. A new PBS Now segment shows that "vo

Picture ID's....

Kevin nails this one on a couple of levels. Whenever Republicans are interested in voting--just think--Voter suppression and ignorance in the way in w