Mike's Blog Round Up

Paperwight: On one issue (guess which one), Bush 43 has finally followed Bush 41's example - even though, as Beggars Can Be Choosers reminds us, the q

Mike's Blog Roundup

Liberty Street: How many Iraqis have died? Most Americans have no idea The Carpetbagger Report: Libby was anything but a " loyal soldier"

Susan Madrak: Run, Al, Run

I'm meeting Susie for dinner tonight. She made her way to the left coast this week from Philly and I'm looking forward to finally meeting her. Susie w

Draft Gore 2008 Site

Draft Gore 2008 site Susie: "Okay, so Al Gore is the hero of the moment and we all know he’d make a great president, right? So put your

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up The Galloping Beaver: Neo-cons planted the story that Iranian religious minorities would be required to wear zonnars, or color-c

Blogger Etiquette

Atrios printed some really great suggestions on "how to contribute to bloggers and the blogoshere." Susie Madrak from Suburban Guerrilla, emailed this