#OccupyOakland Port Shut Down LIVE UPDATES

7:12 am: There was a scuffle with sheriffs earlier when they pulled up a bus full of officers. There's a line of sheriffs now blocking the actual port entrance, but all trucking is blocked. The line seems pretty casual now though. One port

Mike's Blog Roundup

Guest hosted by Blue Gal (I'll be here all week, send me tips, but don't try the veal.) Susie Bright (nsfw): The most expensive birth control in the

Mike's Blog Roundup

Rising Hegemon: Another endorsement... Steve Audio: More Rethuglican 'broken government' negligence. People, it's not mere incompetence, it's their i

Mike's Blog Round Up

Susie Bright: The end of a publishing era as "Best American Erotica 2008" will be the last in the series. What this says about publishing, reading, an

Open Thread

Susie Bright's Journal (not always safe for work): Let me introduce you to the swan-song poster girl of the abstinence education movement: TV actress

No More Dead Bloggers

We've lost some very important voices in the liberal blogosphere in the last year.  One common denominator those bloggers shared with others of us st