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Open Thread

Duncan: Karl Rove is a genius. Thanks for turning America Blue, buddy. Jane - Hey Red State, How’d That Work Out For You? Last night Mike Kr

Haggard Changes His Story Again (Updated)

CNN just reported that Ted Haggard has put out a new statement saying he has deceived and is "guilty of sexual immorality". This is a rath

Haggard's Done

Colorado Confidential New Life Church Colorado Springs, Colorado We, the Overseer Board of New Life Church, have concluded our deliberations concer

Red State Really Knows The Issues

I had to link this up from John Cole: There is, however, the strong possibility I am suffering from a potentially lethal dose of schadenfreude in the

Good Old Pals

I wonder if they are scrubbing his pictures on the web. Mr. E can't find many. Ted Haggard and President Bush! Correction: After listening seve

Ted Haggard Talks

Ted Haggard insists he has never had a gay relationship and that an independent investigation will be conducted: [media id=16520] WMV [media id=1652

Haggard Steps Down

Denver Post The leader of one of Colorado's most popular mega-churches, Ted Haggard, is temporarily stepping down from his leadership role, after