Tiananmen Square

The Week That Was - June 5-11, 1989

News for the week ending June 11, 1989 - The Tiananmen Square protests and the AIDS Conference in Canada. Two big events that week, both with less-than-happy results.

Tiananmen Square - June 1989

( . . and then the screens went dark.) The final few days of the Democracy movement in Tiananamen Square. After seven weeks, it ended quickly with

Tiananmen Square - May 19-21, 1989

(Not thrilled to be there) As the numbers swelled into the hundreds of thousands, the political tug-of-war continued. The students called off their

Tiananmen Square - May 1989

(It seemed like a great idea at the time) Twenty years ago this month, hot on the heels of Glasnost and Perestroika within the Soviet Union, Chines