Protest Filming For Dummies

This video is part of a five-part "How to Film Protests" series, which incorporates the best practices Witness has developed with over 300 partners in 80 countries who are using video for human rights documentation and to create lasting

All Points West Kicks Off

The 2nd annual All Points West festival kicked off today in Jersey City, NJ. The 3 day concert is aiming to become the East's answer to Goldenvoice's

Mike's Blog Roundup

Prometheus 6: This is pure evil and McCain will love it! FP Passport: Europe is Obama country The Cunning Realist: Growing Gills Threat Level: Anti

Mike's Blog Round Up

Connecting.the.Dots: V.P. for saving the planet Facing South: Gulf Stream Coach - the politically connected company handed a $500 million federal con

The AP Walked Right Into A Buzz Saw

I'm a little behind this story, but yes, the AP acted like goons when they threatened the Drudge Retort with a lawsuit over fair use. I would imagine

What Are We Fighting For?

FireDogLake has a great video up on the WGA strike: We've set up a tool that allows you to select your favorite TV show and send an email directly t

Mike's Blog Round Up

SteveAudio here again with some tunes to begin your week: Jesus is Just Alright With Me. . . It seems that Christianity is dead. Or maybe Right-wing