Mike's Blog Round Up

TomDispatch: The Pentagon has been extremely secretive about offering any significant information on the size, scope, and damage involved in its air o

PBS's NOW: Votes For Sale?

The run-up to this year's midterm election smells of scandal and corruption, which raises the question: Can anyone stop the influence of big mon

Bi-partisanship Is Dead

As soon as you saw Bush try to stick his tongue down McCain's head during the campaign last year, any notion that he was nothing more than a tool shou

Bolton Loses Britian

Britain has angered John Bolton, America's combative ambassador to the United Nations, by breaking ranks with him over the need for reform. Britain ha

T-Shirt Contest

In honor of all the readers of C&L that just made us # 1 in all of Radio Userland. (That's the web publishing tool I use.) We just eclipsed over

Lying florida blues I saw an article in The Gainesville Sun this morning about nonverbal indicators of lying and deception. An excerpt: According to


Meanwhile, Via Rising-Hegemony In Great Britain, actual journalists are doing their actual jobs. Journalism is something that is not often recognized

Can Anyone Help?

I 'm trying to find a tele # for South Park. I want to see if I can get a response from them about author Brian C Anderson using South Park as a tool