UC Berkeley

UC Police Review Of Occupy Call Protest Calls For Use Of Pepper Spray

The assistant police chief tasked with reviewing campus police actions during the November 9, 2011 protest at UC Berkeley wrote that "Some of these findings will be controversial," in his 50-page report to the UC Berkeley police chief. Critical of the administration, he found that the police should have been allowed to use pepper spray on the protesting students. Outraged protesters are calling the report a "a tactical handbook for warfare against students."

#OccupyCarrolton Mic Checks Wal-Mart

A note from Occupy Carrolton: "After our first General Assembly, we came to a consensus to take a fun field trip to our local Wal-Mart in Carrollton on Highway 27. This is the video of our mic check there. Look for future actions in support

UC Berkeley Makes #OWS History With Biggest GA Yet

I was there last night for the massive general assembly. I filed this piece for The Atlantic: Mario Savio was a UC Berkeley student in the '60s and a key member of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement. He's become an activist icon; Mario Savio