UN Security Council

January 9, 1980 - Riots In Iran - Pandemonium In Grain Futures.

News of the day, this day in history for January 9, 1980 - Riots in Iran. Fighting in Afghanistan. Hostage drama in Corsica. Grain futures Market pandemonium based on trade embargo with Soviet Union. Justice William O. Douglas in Intensive Care. Saudi Arabia beheads 63 convicted terrorists over the November Mosque seizure in Mecca. U.S. sells arms to China.

UN Security Council Backs Intervention Against Gaddafi

It's been heartbreaking to follow the news out of Libya, knowing that civilians fighting for democracy were being slaughtered. So I guess there's some satisfaction in seeing them get some help. But I'm going to be a cynic here and point out

Neocon Logic On Bombing Iran

It's an amazing thing to see supposedly serious Republican pundits insist that the option of bombing Iran to stop its nuclear weapons program is n

June Was A Busy Month In 1950

(Or as it came to be known as . . .World War 2 1/2) [media id=17143] June 1950 was a very busy month and by the end of it we were up to our eyebal