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April 23, 1979 - Selling SALT And Windfall Profits.

April 23, 1979. Selling SALT and Windfall Profits. Jimmy Carter back in Washington after Easter vacation. Congress back after Easter Recess. SCOTUS hears arguments regarding Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Assassination in Tehran. Cambodia fighting reported as heavy. Idi Amin lands in Iraq, seeking asylum. Please help keep Newstalgia from extinction. Donate what you can!

Two Days In May - 22nd And 23rd, 1979.

News for May 22nd and 23rd 1979. Verdict on Dan White murder trial of Supervisor Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone bring violence, temporary stays of execution in Florida for John Spinkelink and Willie Darden, Canadian elections, Sen. Herman Talmadge hearings, Bert Lance hearings, Gas crisis and rationing, renegade State Senators in Texas and 14 men, women and children gunned down by police in El Salvador.