Morsi Supporters Killed In Cairo

At least 42 Morsi supporters were killed early Monday in Cairo and an estimated 300 injured, allegedly while at morning prayers at the Republican Guard compound—and the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for an uprising in response.

Thousands Protest In Egypt

Tens of thousands of Egyptians have returned to the birthplace of last year’s popular uprising as officials say that delayed election results will be announced on Sunday...

A Shout In The Sky: Barcelona 2011

"Shouts in the Sky" is a documentary film about the civil movement born in May, 2011, in Barcelona, Spain. Through an occupation of the main square, Plaça de Catalunya, which remained occupied for months

Hot Off The Press: The Occupied Wall Street Journal

LIBERTY SQUARE, NY--despite the early morning rain, morale is high. A reported 100,000 copies of The Occupied Wall Street Journal have just arrived. The young occupiers are busy handing out the four page broadsheet to curious passersby and the

Lara Logan Breaks Her Silence On Cairo Assault

Lara Logan broke her silence on the sexual assault she suffered while reporting on the uprising in Egypt and her horrific story really highlights just what risks women take when attempting to do reporting around the world that their male counterparts do not have to endure and what a long way so many parts of our societies around the world have to go with their treatment of women.

Applied Force In Libya

War is a blunt instrument, be your weapons ever so precise. Firepower has a limited utility inversely proportional to its explosive potential. Nevertheless, my response to those who say that 'war is a lie' is to ask the city fathers of Carthage