Rehabilitation, Republican Style

Ronald Reagan's image has been remade into the holy God of conservatism with all references to Iran/Contra, his intervention with the hostages while Carter was still President, and the waste left behind by his economic policies firmly erased in the

Open Thread

Malice in Wonderland - Outside the Tea Party, she avoids looking at the writing on her hands...Roses Ensign, Sanford, and Vitter look on from their

Mike's Blog Roundup

Matthew Yglesias: Canada turns a blind eye to torture. So does Lithuania... Margaret and Helen: Thanksgiving letter to the family, 2009 The Agonist:

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mock Paper Scissors: Day Seven of the Vitter-Bardwell Watch TBogg: Does Joe Lieberman have any goals beyond promoting Joe Lieberman? Instaputz: OY

It's Official: Spitzer Resigns

[media id=4557] [media id=4558] (h/t BillW) A surprise to no one, Eliot Spitzer, wife Silda at his side, resigned from his position as Governor of