Wall Stree

Mike's Blog Round Up

Politico: McLame casting Obama as a 'celebrity' is particularly audacious coming from a guy, who, since 2000, has gotten more screen time than the res

Running Out Of Gas

I took this yesterday. Maybe it's higher today....I knew it was all ANWR's fault... On the Saturday Stock shows tomorrow---I'm sure the wall street

Mike's Blog Round Up

Agitprop: "Ex-White House Jesus Freak-in-Charge caught plagiarizing the Pope." Not making that up. Inarticulate Fumblings: Heterosexuality questionna

Mike's Blog Roundup

All Spin Zone: The economic outlook is so bleak, some economists are looking for a bunker to hide in. But what do economists know? Chimpy is is upbeat

Last One Out, Turn Off The Lights

Bush's reputation as a lame-duck president isn't helped by a massive staff exodus. President Bush is losing his chief speech writer, William McGurn,