The 12 Lies Of Christmas

(Sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas") On the first day of Christmas Republicans told me Obama's born in another country. On the second day of Christmas Republicans told me Gay marriage is like box turtle love

Liz Cheney Insists We Were 'Greeted As Liberators' In Iraq

If nothing else you can say one thing for this Cheney family -- they've got their lies and they're sticking to them -- no matter what. After feeling the need to give the Bush administration some glowing praise for torture, the Patriot Act and

Rumsfeld: WMD Issue Was 'The Big One' In Deciding To Invade Iraq

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said Sunday that the Bush's administration's erroneous belief that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was not the only reason for invasion, but it was "the big one." "I think the concern I

Iraqi Defector 'Curveball' Admits To WMD Lies That Led To War

An Iraqi defector, codenamed Curveball, who allegedly helped convince the Bush administration that Saddam Hussein had a secret stash of biological and chemical weapons, has admitted for the first time that he made it all up. Rafid Ahmed Alwan

Rumsfeld's WMD Evidence

I am shocked, shocked to discover that the Joint Staff's J2 (intelligence) shop told former SecDef Donald Rumsfeld in September 2002 that it had no idea whether Saddam's WMD program was actually active or had any stockpiles of chemical or

Bush: Finding No WMDs In Iraq Was Sickening - And Hilarious

Pushing his new memoir in an interview with NBC's Matt Lauer which aired Monday, George W. Bush addressed one of the defining episodes of his presidency. Finding no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Bush claimed, left him feeling "sickened."

Mulling Over Terrorism Trends

Seriously, why Sen. Lieberman (I-CT) still the chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs? I totally get his desire to be the chair of a major Senate committee - he gets to make broad, somber statements about