Chris Matthews Show Panel Does Their Best To Trivialize Bush Interview With Matt Lauer And His Decision To Invade Iraq


The panel on The Chris Matthews Show this weekend did their best to try to soften how disgusted most of us should be after watching George W. Bush’s upcoming interview which will be aired on NBC this Monday with Matt Lauer.

LAUER: “I can never forget what happened to America that day. I would pour my heart and soul into protecting this country, whatever it took.”

BUSH: Yeah.

LAUER: It took thousands of lives, American lives, billions of dollars; you could say it took Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib…

BUSH: Yeah.

LAUER: And government eavesdropping and waterboarding. Did it take too much?

BUSH: We didn’t have an attack. 3000 people died on September the 11th and I vowed that I would do my duty to protect the American people and uhm…they didn’t get hit again.

Chris Matthews went on to ask how Obama would have handled the aftermath of 9-11 and if he’d have reacted differently than Bush, like he doesn’t know that answer all ready. Bob Woodward pointed out that al Qaeda was not present in Iraq until after we invaded them.

The part of this discussion that really got under my skin was this statement by Katy Kay.

KAY: The sort of political extraordinariness of the Bush administration was that Cheney managed to convince 70% of American people that Iraq was, that Saddam Hussein was directly behind Iraq. (I think she meant to say 9-11 here.)

So in other words, it was Dick Cheney’s fault that he was allowed to lie to the public and not the media for failing to alert the public to the fact that he was lying. Okay Katy. Nothing like relinquishing on your responsibilities if you want to call yourself “journalists.”

Mrs. Greenspan followed that by doing her best to carry a little water for the Bush administration by pretending that they really were concerned about a threat from Iraq until Chris Matthews pointed out that the CIA didn’t agree with them.

Bob Woodward went on to trivialize any of Colin Powell’s objections to the wisdom of our invasion even though we all know he went on to give that speech to the UN where he carried water for Bush with fear mongering over Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

The panel spent most of the rest of the segment talking about whether George W. Bush and his father disagreed or not over his decision to invade Iraq, like that means a damn thing now when it comes to all of the lives and money wasted there.


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