Mike's Blog Roundup

Redline Doc: In medicine we speak for the patient. In insurance they speak for the money Figleaf: Wouldn't you think the media would be a little more

Joe Lieberman Memories From 2006:

He's turned into Zellieberman now. Zell Lieberman. What ever you want to call him---the fact remains that he's an embarrassment to himself and to hi

More Coulter

My story from today (originated with Ed Cone on 8/23) is the lead on the Huffington Post which is good news because more people will see her call NY

Zell Miller

via AmericaBlog: Zell Miller stole taxpayer money :" Georgia political analyst Bill Shipp reports that former Sen. Zell Miller - the guy who piously b

An Event For The Ages

Ralph Reed for Lt. Govenor presents: Family and Freedom Rally featuring Sean Hannity and Senator Zell Miller. (Hat Tip Great Scat)

Bad Week In Hannity's World

Jury Acquits Clinton Aide/Bad Week in Hannity's World A loss for the Justice Department. A jury has found David Rosen, HillaryClinton's chief fundr

Video Clip Of The Day

Video Clip of the DayFormer Republican Senator Alan Simpson goes Zell Miller on Bill Maher! VideoMr Simpson from Wyoming gets a little hot under the c