Mike's Blog Round Up

Good Morning! Closing out the week guest blogging, it is once again me, Alex that is, leaving the familiar confines of Martini Revolution. Thanks to M

Mike's Blog Roundup

House of the Rising sons: Why "defeat" doesn't matter... Bush Failed: Based on Bush's own words, he's an utter failure as presid

Pirro Campaign In Trouble...Again

Remember Jeanine Pirro? She gave up her Senate campaign against Hillary in favor of running for the NY Attorney General. Unfortunately, things aren't

Bernard Kerik The Crook

Remember Bernard Kerik? Defiant and unapologetic to the end, Bernard Kerik was arrested and booked yesterday, processed through the same criminal just

Weekend With Bernie

Talk Leftdiscovers that Bernard Kerik has another major problem. Will FOX Newsstill have him on as an analyst?

Ellis Henican's Crystal Ball!

[NY Newsday links for this post are broken as of 2008. - eds] On Dec. 3rd, Ellis a good friend of C&L, NY Newsday columnist and FOX analyst predi


Talk Left Guliani Cashes in Chit on Kerik The New York Daily News puts Bernie Kerik's appointment as Homeland Security Chief in perspective: Rudy c