Austerity Has Made Europe's Depression Longer Than In '30s
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Austerity Has Made Europe's Depression Longer Than In '30s

Europe's governments are learning that spending cuts slowed economic growth and actually increased deficits. Meanwhile, America's "Great Recession" also drags on thanks to cutbacks in government spending.

As Europe Sickens, US Still Wants Its Austerity Poison

How much sicker does the patient have to get before the doctors stop prescribing poison? Europe's Austerity Recession (or Depression) has now lasted longer than the last one.What can we learn from its misery?Ta;he answer seems to be: Nothing.

Richard Wolff Gives Bill O'Reilly A Lesson In Economics 101

From this Monday's Democracy Now, economist Richard Wolff is asked about Bill O'Reilly's remarks last week where he told his audience on Fox that Cyprus and other European countries are facing economic hardships because they’re so-called "nanny states." Wolff responded with a lesson in economics 101 for Bill-O.

Krugman On Morning Joe: How Many Times Do I Have To Be Right?

I really enjoyed watching Paul Krugman on Morning Joe today, responding to the paid deficit hawkery of Very Serious People Ed Rendell and Richard Haas. (Watch for the return of the invisible bond market vigilantes!) He talked about why there's