Larry Flynt

March 7, 1978 - Oil, Coal And Settlements Everywhere.

March 7, 1978. Sharp divide among Israelis about settlements in Arab territories. Coal Miners Strike. Carter invoking Taft-Hartley to settle strike. Panama Canal Treaty debate continues. Rhodesia border clashes with Zambia. Cairo looking to Washington for leadership in Middle-East Peace talks. Kuwait Oil Minister seeks boost in prices. Larry Flynt recovering from surgery following shooting. Mid-West feeling effects of Coal Strike.

It's March 8, 1978 - Do You Know Where Your Neutron Bomb Is?

News of the day for March 8, 1978 - Coal Miners Strike hits 93rd day. Prime Minister Begin to Visit Jimmy Carter and continued Middle East Peace Talks. Holland is first NATO ally to reject deployment of Neutron Bomb. Recount going on in Guatemala from Sunday's election, citing mass vote fraud. Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt listed in critical condition after undergoing 2nd surgery from assassination attempt outside of a courthouse in Georgia.

Dirk Diggler To The UN?

James Wolcott talks about NYC, Plato's retreat and John Bolton. While The Raw Story says Larry Flynt has the goods on Bolton. As I always say, you c