Pour Driftglass A Cold Beer

Driftglass makes an astute observation about the Malkin/AP story disaster: If the AP has been clowning with information from Iraq, we need to know it

Mike's Blog Roundup

Seeing the Forest: It's starting...Patrick Leahy has introduced the War Profiteering Prevention Act The Huffington Post: The animated "train

Mike's Blog Round Up

Nitpicker: Is the Wall Street Journal treasonous? The Opinion Mill: Welcome to Neckville Looking for Someone to Lie to Me: The Government Accountabi

More On The NIE

Jane tells us about Dick Durbin's frustration: "It's been reported that Dick Durbin was just on CSPAN deeply upset by this latest revelation and no w

More Corruption-Custer Battles Style

You'd think the Bush administration would want to investigate this type of graft. My bad... A federal jury on Thursday ordered a U.S. defense contract

National Security

FDL: Via Atrios, we find that Media Matters is documenting the new GOP meme over the UAE ports fiasco: Democrats are "moving to the right" of Republi

Mike's Blog Round Up

Craig’s Thoughts, Theories and Tantrums: Exxon will post a $10 billion profit this quarter. Syndicated Clear Channel radio host Glenn Beck refer

American Patriot's Manifesto

Recovering Liberal I have become really tired of so called patriots questioning my love of America because I have the audacity to question our unelec