The Chaser's Look At FOXNews

The Chaser is an Australian show, apparently similar to our The Daily Show. Having never seen it, I'm just guessing based on tooling around their we

CNN's Bad Influences

Bernard Shaw, a CNN anchor until his retirement in 2001, doesn’t like how the network has changed since he left. Asked what he now thinks of CNN,

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Spy Who Billed Me: An outburst of indifference has greeted the announcement by office of the Director of National Intelligence that the year-long

Public Discourse

I meant to post this a few days ago. We have a winner. If anybody brings their faith into the public square, especially running for office---it's

Mike's Blog Roundup

Hullabaloo: Josh Marshall finally accepts what many have known for years about the D.C. punditocracy Confined Space: The Bush administration is still

It's Very Odd

...watching cable news actually cut in to broadcast a Democratic Party member giving a press conference.

Does Anything More Need To Be Said?

Duncan via Josh They have to consistently and daily say: "The President said that getting the guy who masterminded 9/11 is not a top priority, i

The UK Plot: What's Going On?

Of course, the Malkin crowd gleefully enjoys the torture aspect to the story, but Sullivan makes some sense: These seem like legitimate questions to