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Moral Monday Movement Set To Spread Across South
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Moral Monday Movement Set To Spread Across South

Moral Monday protests in North Carolina against a raft of recent legislation targeting voters and teachers will continue in 2014. Reporting by the AP suggests that the protests will spread across the South.

John Nichols: 'Fix The Debt' Run By Billionaires Who Really Want Lower Taxes

From this Saturday's Up With Chris Hayes, panel member and Hayes' fellow contributor at The Nation brought up a topic at the end of the show that we unfortunately don't hear too often on MSNBC, which is the fact that the "Fix the Debt" campaign is not really interested in "fixing" anything. They're funded by a bunch of billionaires that are pushing for austerity measures and who are really just interested in lowering their taxes.

Recall Drive Of Scott Walker Begins In Wisconsin

Ed Schultz talked to The Nation's John Nichols about the recall drive of Gov. Scott Walker that just started this Tuesday in Wisconsin. Although as John noted, due to the dirty tactics of Walker allies with their fake recall petition, the money