News From The Hill

Arianna has some very interesting news from today. We're still on the Hill, and the great news of the day -- indeed, the best news we've hear

The Time Magazine 100

The Time Magazine 100 Congratulations to Arianna Huffington for making it on the list as one of 100 most influential people.

Tucker And Scooter

Arianna finds Carlson bashing Fitzgerald, "but with all he's had to say about the case, there is one thing that Tucker Carlson has failed to mentio

Russert Watch

Arianna has her latest installment up and I agree with this point: "And now David Gregory apologizes. Why? Gregory's a reporter. McClellan was being

John Murtha Is "The Real Deal"

I had the chance to meet with Rep. John Murtha at a gathering of about 100 people Sunday afternoon over at Arianna Huffington's house. I first became

Spying And Lying

Arianna maps it out. (Oh, and Dick Cheney seems to have a penchant for untruths...)