Mark McKinnon

Americans Elect Dies A Quiet Death

Americans Elect, the organization for people without an opinion, has died, and not a moment too soon. Via Washington Post's Chris Cillizza: Late Thursday night, Americans Elect, a much-ballyhooed group dedicated to securing ballot access for a

Scarborough Berates The President For Not Mentioning Social Security Cuts During SOTU

Looks like someone put some piss and vinegar in Joe Scarborough's coffee this morning because he was literally up in arms at President Obama for not mentioning making changes to Social Security during his State of the Union Address. And he had lots of help fear mongering over the deficit from his fellow Villagers Pat Buchanan, Mark McKinnon, Tom Brokaw, Mark Halperin and his co-host Mika Brzezinski. I love how they are all calling for "shared sacrifice" when the only ones being asked to sacrifice anything are the working class.

Olbermann: America Doesn't Miss George Bush

Keith Olbermann takes apart Mark McKinnon's bit of revisionist history in his recent column at The Daily Beast praising George W. Bush. And no Mark... we don't miss him. Here's part of McKinnon's claptrap Keith dismantled tonight. The