McKinnon: There's A Great Deal Of Good Will About Bush Family Name


Mr. "No Labels" and former Bushie Mark McKinnon tells UP's Steve Kornacki why he thinks the Bush family name won't hurt Jeb if he decides to run in the 2016 presidential primary. McKinnon admits that Jeb Bush would have a hard time making it through a Republican primary, especially given his recent comments on immigration, but did his best to downplay the baggage that comes from his brother's time as president.

Here's now McKinnon responded after being read a portion of a recent BuzzFeed article, where one of the GOP's billionaire donors, Ken Langone, discussed the baggage Bush would bring with him if he runs.

MCKINNON: Well, I think to the extent that there is weight, it's offset by the fact he's running against a Clinton. Second of all, President Bush, George W. Bush's popularity, has really come back surprisingly. In fact, in recent polls, he's more popular than President Obama. So... and he's very popular with Republicans.

And the other thing is that, Jeb Bush is a very different guy than his brother in tone and substance and style. He's just very different. I think that people will get that and he'll say "I love my brother, but I'm a different candidate and a different guy." I think people will recognize that. But I also think there's a great deal of good will about George. H.W. Bush and basically the Bush family name. I think that people are very fond of Bushes generally.

I'd love for McKinnon to explain where there would be an ounce worth of policy differences between the two.

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