February 3, 1988 - "Give Peace A Chance".

Februrary 3, 1988 - Military Aid funding for Nicaragua Contra's voted down in House 219-211. Presidential hopeful Bob Dole accused of handing political favors. Supreme Court Justice Appointee Anthony Kennedy approved by Senate with a 97-0 vote. SCOTUS rules Surrogate Mother contracts akin to baby selling, which was illegal. Oil slick from 300,000 ton spill threaten Brittany coast in France. Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega to be indicted on drug charges, even though the CIA paid him a reported $200,000 over a decade for cooperation. And Brazil announces arms sale deal with Libya.

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Oh shoot! We totally forgot! Hilarity via the wonderful Guys from Area 51. Open thread below...

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Fables of the reconstruction: Over 20% of Gitmo inmates free to go but not allowed to leave BeggarsCanBeChoosers: Count on the GOP to dust off the Lee