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Nadler: 'This Is The Central Lie Of Our Political Debate Right Now'

I'm not sure what the producers of MSNBC's UP with Steve Kornacki felt that Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform's Mattie Duppler was going to add to the debate on this Sunday's show, but after watching her on there, apparently it was to keep the rest of the guests busy debunking the endless string of lies she told during her time on the panel.

Simpson-Bowles 2.0 And The New 'Center'

The new Simpson-Bowles plan looks a lot like the old Simpson-Bowles plan, but more heavily tilted towards cuts and as Greg Sargent pointed out, represents a major shift to the right.

President Obama's Presser: An Ultimatum And Invitation

I know you've probably already read about the president's press conference, because my friends John Amato and Susie Madrak have already written about it. If you haven't read theirs, you should, and you should also read Mike Lux' analysis of the