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An oldie (2002) but a goodie from The Onion. Open thread below...

Humorless Wingnuts

Last night while browsing the other side of the blogosphere, I noticed this posted on Red State: Shirt? Check. Shoes? Check. Acceptable Body Mass Ind

Open Thread

Are you at work? Love Republican Style, an oldie but a goodie from the brilliant Darkblack, is not safe for work. Other worthy clicks today: Harry a

Open Thread

In honor of the end of the APEC Summit, an oldie but a goodie. (Mature language in this one, be warned):

Mike's Blog Round Up

hi, kids, it's friday at the round up, and you know what that means! it's toon time!! (it is, at least, when skippy the bush kangaroo is in charge!)

Mike's Blog Roundup

Prison Planet: Terror's trivial when it's not Muslims Democrats.com: Is Icon Condi Rove's choice to run? NewsHog: Harriet Miers decides

Katherine Harris Shakes Her Booty

Katherine Harris Shakes her Booty Sunday Funnies. This is an oldie but goodie From 08/09 on H&C-Katherine sure likes to boogey. [media id=136