Michael Steele Meets The Teabaggers

[media id=11893] I have to say I'm glad David Barstow at the NY Times wrote about the real core of the Tea Party movement being a revival of the mili

An Important Question Of Semantics

I made a big deal a couple of months ago of not allowing the White House to frame the debate on Bush's "surge" and to refer to it as it

When Wingnuts Lie

I don't mind a heated debate, but I look down on lies, sloppy reading, and careless writing. There's a winger website that has apparently taken to sp

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up The "Rule of Law" crowd has changed their tune. Sticky Issues has the pictures and The Cognoscenti expands on their breathtaking

Countering Coulter

Joe Gandelman expands on my Ann Coulter piece and adds some unique insights of his own.