Border Patrol Detains Former AZ Gov. On His 96th Birthday

Former Arizona Gov. Raul Castro, who in the 1970s served as the state's first and only Hispanic governor, and U.S. ambassador to Argentina,was detained at a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint for 30 minutes in the triple-digit desert heat just a

When In Doubt, Blame The Media

When a high-profile Republican runs into serious trouble, as Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) clearly has, he or she inevitably turns to a few reliable rejo

Roundup: October 25

Tristram Shandy: Boeing and 'extraordinary rendition' IntoxiNation: Freedom Of the Press...uh, not so much in the U.S. Martian Anthropologis

Mike's Blog Round Up

NO QUARTER: Bush admits existence of secret prisons, plans to transfer prisoners to Gitmo for legalized torture or perhaps taking some of 'em on the c