Mike's Blog Round Up

SteveAudio: Petraeus is blowing smoke out of his ass. And the only ones buying it are TeeVee talking heads, and the BushCo 28%. Interesting Times: "I

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Daily Background: Gulping down, and then regurgitating huge quatities of BUSHCO Kool-Aid aint the only thing the New York Times is doing wrong Mai

Mike's Blog Roundup

Radar Online: At the pundits table, the losing bet still takes the pot!  But even this stooge has to admit seeing the man behind the curtain.  G-Dub


The Kool Aid Stand via - suggested by Avedon excerpt: read the full post for details ...Please, look at what the righties are saying. Then look at

Is Bill O'Reilly Drinking Kool Aid?

O'Reilly accepts Media Matters' "Misinformer of the Year" award -- sort of. Video The O'Reilly Factor, labeling the emailer, Media Matters, and his