Are You About To Get Dumped By A Liberal Friend?

Are You About To Get Dumped By A Liberal Friend?

Pew Research says "Watch out!" You might be a liberal in sheep's clothing and your best friends might turn their backs on you at any moment. Here's a simple test to find out if you'll be alone for the holiday season because of your politics.

Open Thread

(h/t Nonny Mouse). A BBC quiz show's moment of hilarity. Open Thread below...

Quick HCR Quiz

A very cool true/false quiz from the New York Times' education section: Based on your understanding of health care reform, circle “T” for true or

Mike's Blog Roundup

Capital Eye: Desperate to get of the hook for their serial lawlessness, the telephone utility industry spent at least $31.4 million lobbying in 2007.

Mike's Blog Round Up

TS here. Vayamos, los amigos! Y is for yawn –wingnut scandal beckons! Z is for zzzzzzz, Drudge lasts only seconds. 1 is for 1 kick-ass, bitchin’ s

Blue Gal's Blog Roundup

Intrepid Liberal Journal: Hillary's announcement is like drinking soda without carbonation, but hey, it beats the Republicanade a certain cowboy i

A Quiz For Lawmakers

Emptywheel has created a basic test for all lawmakers. Well, the BCIS has decided to revamp the test required of applicants for citizenship. So I thi