Mike's Blog Round Up

(Due to technical difficulties, we didn't get a round up yesterday, so today, we get a SUPER round up! ~Nicole) Abortion concern trolls, human rights

RW Talk Radio

Right Wing Talk radio had been chock full of vile for a long time now...(Read the full post)....Digby: The discourse that everyone is so shocked to s

Flight 93 Ads

I've been frustrated for a long time with the way the media portrays 9/11. The straw man argument is that it's a Republican controlled issue. The pund

Mike's Blog Round Up

Oliver Willis: lists seven reasons why he's a Progressive. Bring it On! The House bows to corporate pressure and votes to remove food label warnings.

Mike's Blog Round Up

In assigning the blame for the cartoon fatwa, it appears BUSHCO has conveniently overlooked some of the worst offenders. But we don't have a monopoly