Baseball Open Thread

The trade deadline is approaching fast and it seems like every team is in the hunt for a playoff spot. What do you think will happen? Also, what are

Football Sunday Open Thread

Giants vs Carolina is the game I'll be watching now. Will Eli wilt under the pressure of his first playoff game? The Steelers vs The Bengals should be

Open Thread

Watching a little playoff baseball.....Boston lost their first game to the White Sox 14-2, St. Louis beat San Diego 8-5....

Yanks Win Division Title

The Yanks won the division title today beating the Red Sox in Fenway 8-4. Cleveland has had an amazing year and if Boston loses tomorrow (which I doub

Video Clip Of The Day

In honor of the Redsox vs Yankees playoff series. Derek Jeter's great catch. Click here to watch Med resolution Click here to watch low resolution