Mike's Blog Roundup

Inside Iraq: About a year ago, the McClatchy news bureau set up this blog exclusively for contributions from its Iraqi staff. "It's an opportunity for

Losing The Military Vote

The conventional wisdom suggests the troops vote Republican. It's been this way for a generation, and it's not going to change. But if campaign cont

Yolanda King, 1955 - 2007 RIP

(Wikipedia) 11AliveNews (h/t miss kitty): Yolanda King, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s eldest child who pursued her father's dream of ra

C&L Donation Drive: The Last Day

This is the last day I'll run the current donation drive. C&Ler Jeannette says she'll match donations up to 500.00 dollars so if you have

More News On Cunningham Corruption

Daily Delay: "Mitchell Wade of MZM -- the guy who bribed Duke Cunningham -- apparently made illegal campaign donations to two other members of Cong