Obama, Bush Tax Cuts Cost Five Times More Than New Tax Hikes

Uncle Sam has a well-documented need for more tax revenue in the years ahead. And a big reason why is that between them, Presidents Bush and Obama cut taxes by more than the five times the amount of the combined new revenue hikes Obama got in January and is asking for now.

The Lost Decade Of The Middle Class

Say goodbye to the middle class, or at least, that’s what a majority of Americans believe. The U.S. middle class is shrinking, and more Americans don’t believe they will achieve that way of life, according to a study released on

Poverty And Corporate Greed

A new report before the "official" report on poverty in the U.S. is released gives a heads-up on what we can expect to be revealed. Yes, poverty is on track to reach levels not since before Lyndon Johnson's "war on poverty" in 1964. Peter