Mike's Blog Roundup

Mother Jones: In 2008, BP touted it's new tech to measure oil flow. This may be why it stopped working the glttering eye: Making excuses

Mike's Blog Round Up

Anything They Say: Where the killing is easy...and necessary. Some hysterical pundits (guess where a lot of 'em work?) and washed up politicians are c

Mike's Blog Round Up

Sic Semper Tyrannis 2006: Tribalism drives the world to the brink of a bigger war in the Middle East Confined Space: Bush to appoint an anti-regulato

Mike's Blog Round Up

THE NEWS BLOG: This is wrong The New York Review of Books: Afghanistan on the Brink Facing South: "Tort reform" enacted last year in Georg

Republican Honesty

via MyDD Even the highly scripted moments of Bush propaganda are open to revealing insights: THE PRESIDENT: Let me ask you something about the Thrif