Exposed: ALEC’s New Anti-environmental Agenda Unveiled In Chicago

New internal documents obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) reveal new methods that fossil fuel companies, agrochemical interests and corporate lobbying groups will influence certain state policies in the coming months through the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC.

Coal Ad Men: Decades Of Deception

Since the 1970s, the coal industry has been deploying deceptive advertising campaigns to scrub its image and delay important clean air standards. They use the same arguments year after year -- environmental protections will cripple the economy, the science behind pollution problems is inadequate, and that coal is already clean...

President Obama Kills No Child Left Behind

You know, for all of the blustery promises made at these crazy Republican debates about how they will kill "Obamacare" with an executive order once elected, there aren't really that many times where an executive order will actually work that way.

Mike's Blog Roundup

Angry Bear: McCain's League of Democracies and the Washington bubble. Your New Reality: Murdoch media uses online game art for war propaganda but cla