This Is What Democracy Looks Like?!?

This Is What Democracy Looks Like?!?

Egypt state television and security officials say troops moved to clear supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, with reports of the dead and injured differing substantially.

The Blackwater Tapes

The April issue of Harper’s Magazine includes “The Warrior Class,” (paywall) a feature article by Charles Glass on the rise of private-security contractors since 9/11. The conclusion of the article describes a series of videos that were shown to Mr. Glass by a source who had worked for the private-security company Blackwater (now Academi, and also formerly Xe Services) in Iraq. Clips from the videos follow below, prefaced by Glass’s own descriptions

Don't Be Alarmed, Los Angeles, It's 'Only A Drill'

If you notice an alarming number of military troops, military trucks and helicopters in Los Angeles this week, "Don't be alarmed," says the LAPD, "it's only a drill." Joint military training exercises will be held this week through Thursday.

Occupying The Rose Parade With Livestream

Occupy the Rose Parade plans to descend upon the annual showcase of flowered floats and bands with a undetermined number of protesters. The movement’s latest plans were announced in November and could bring anywhere from 4,000 to 40,000 protesters to the highly attended and viewed event. There will even be a "rapping 'billionaire" to accompany the floats during the event. Watch as they prepare in the video above.

#OccupyOakland Port Shut Down LIVE UPDATES

7:12 am: There was a scuffle with sheriffs earlier when they pulled up a bus full of officers. There's a line of sheriffs now blocking the actual port entrance, but all trucking is blocked. The line seems pretty casual now though. One port