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The Thomas Jefferson Movement: Against Texas "white-washing" of US History. D-Cap: How 'bout a station wagon full of nuns for SCOTUS? Southern Beale

What Pot Is CNN Trying To Stir Now?

Feist isn't exactly wrong about this. Goldman Sachs employees did contribute nearly a million dollars to Obama's presidential campaign in 2008. But

Racism In The U.S. Military

April 14, 2010 ABC Nightline "One of my first sergeants asked me loudly, 'You're not a part of any terrorist organization or anything, are you?'" rec

Doug Fieger, RIP

(graphic via DetNews.com) My good friend Doug Fieger, lead singer of The Knack just died this morning from a long bout against cancer. Doug Fieg

" . . Even The White House Dog"

(Fala - Resented the right wing smears he heard nightly on the radio) Take heart. When you think the insanity, the attacks, the lunacy have gotten