Libyan Revolution: Days Of Rage, Nights Of Mercy

In Libya, Zahra' Langhi was part of the "days of rage" movement that helped topple the dictator Qaddafi. In their first elections, Libyans demanded a more inclusive law, giving every citizen the write to vote and run, and employed an innovative "zipper ballot," that ensured equal representation from men and women of both sides. Yet the gridlocked politics of dominance and exclusion won out.

June 14, 1978 - Carter And Castro.

June 14, 1978. Jimmy Carter alleges Cuban involvement in Zaire uprising. Castro denies it. Negotiations with China put on fast track. Washington poses questions on Israel intentions on Gaza and West Bank, causes rift in Israeli government. UN in session over Lebanon question. Northern Lebanon uneasy over killing of former president Franjileh's son, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter by Phalangist gunmen. Japan concerned over oil spills as the result of recent earthquake. Jimmy Carter meets with Indian PM Desai. A roundup of 1978 mid-term election results.

March 7, 1978 - Oil, Coal And Settlements Everywhere.

March 7, 1978. Sharp divide among Israelis about settlements in Arab territories. Coal Miners Strike. Carter invoking Taft-Hartley to settle strike. Panama Canal Treaty debate continues. Rhodesia border clashes with Zambia. Cairo looking to Washington for leadership in Middle-East Peace talks. Kuwait Oil Minister seeks boost in prices. Larry Flynt recovering from surgery following shooting. Mid-West feeling effects of Coal Strike.

February 23, 1975 - Not Bathing In The Same Water Twice.

February 23, 1975 - calls to send Military aid to South Vietnam. Kissinger returns from Middle East "hopeful". Ethiopia ask U.S. for arms against militants in Eritrea province. Judge Sirica hands down sentences for Watergate figures. New tensions in Cyprus. Outlawed strikes in Spain go on anyway. Persian Gulf region under scrutiny for continued arms sales. Another lovely day in the neighborhood.

October 18, 1998 - The Pinochet Fracas

News of the day for October 18, 1998 - former Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet is arrested in London, both Pres. Clinton and vice-President Gore haggle with the Middle-East negotiators. Former Yugoslavia. Afghanistan. Just another day in Paradox.

On September 8, 1980 They Were Thinking About John Anderson

News of the day for September 8, 1980 - 53 days until the Presidential election. Independent candidate John Anderson picking up endorsements. Jimmy Carter losing endorsements, Ronald Reagan promising to unveil his economic plan. Recession news, Cuban Boat people. A dull day . . not.