Atomic Bomb

Death And Suffering, In Living Color

Death And Suffering, In Living Color

For the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Atomic bomb was nothing short of cataclysmic. But Americans were shown a sanitized version of the devastation, and for many years, photographic evidence of the real damage was locked away. The final part of our three part series on the Atomic Cover-up.

November 2, 1947 - Strikes, Riots And Art.

News of the day for December 2, 1947. Riots break out in Jerusalem over Partition of Israel and Palestine. French strikes cripple Paris. U.S. building facilities in South Pacific for Atomic Bomb testing. Prices of meat, butter and shortening take steep climb. Big Four Conference and Austrian Peace Treaty pending. And artist Thomas Hart Benton and writer H.L. Mencken in squabble over value of an early Benton painting.

Bachmann: Waterboarding Is Justified, Like Nuking Japan

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann explained her support for waterboarding Monday by likening it to the decision to drop nuclear bombs on Japan during World War II. At Saturday's CBS News/National Journal Republican presidential

Atomic City USA - Oak Ridge In 1950

Atomic City USA - radio documentary produced in 1950 to help promote the cause of Nuclear energy by looking at a community completely made up of workers employed by the Government, initially working on the Atomic Bomb in World War 2, but turning to other uses for Nuclear energy post-World War 2.