If There's A Tax Loophole, Mitt Romney Is Using It

Yes, if there's a tax loophole, Mitt Romney has found it and it using it. During the Clinton administration, Congress cracked down on a favorite tax shelter of the rich and powerful, but allowed those who already had them established to keep

Mitt Romney - Not Your Father's IRA

I just never get tired of hearing Mitt Romney explain that blind trusts are just a ruse, you know? The rich really are different from you and me. Imagine having $87million in your retirement account: Before Mitt Romney retired from Bain

How Did Mittens Get $100M In His IRA? Dems Want To Know

This question has been raised several times, and now two Democratic congressmen are making it an official issue: How did Mitt Romney end up with so much money in his IRA - and more importantly, is it legal? Romney’s most recent financial

Rep. Peter King's (R-NY) IRA Terrorist Ties

While Rep. Peter King (R-NY) busies himself holding hearings on the alleged radicalization of American Muslims, Jon Stewart suggests King's own shady past of openly supporting the Irish Republican Army (IRA) makes him a curious choice.

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